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It Starts at the Top | Optics, Metrics, and 100% Participation

How do we maximize employee retirement outcomes and achieve 100% participation in the 401k Plan?

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We prepare you for when your work is done.

We provide investment, fiduciary, and participant services for companies, along with customized private wealth services to select individuals and families.

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Retirement Plans

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Retirement Plans

Wealth Management

70% Retirement Plans
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Our mission is to support yours. Our clients impact their communities and the world in many different ways. By supporting employees, we help drive the mission of each client.

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Failing State Pensions

PA Charter Schools

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Retirement for Everyone

Family Business

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Welcome Home

International Investors

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Locked in a Contract

Administration Restructuring

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It Starts at the Top

Optics, Metrics, and 100% Participation

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Bankers Who Care

Pension Termination

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We are pension consultants, financial planners, and investment analysts empowering companies and individuals to drive towards financial success.

We are led by our desire to produce great work and drive the individual mission of each of our clients.

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Why FRS?

We not only have the knowledge, experience, and capacity to deliver your core plan services on a high level, but we also go many steps beyond with additional value-added services that set us apart from our competition.

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